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Hands-Off Approach Takes Work Out of School Fundraising

Otsego Local Schools in Bowling Green, Ohio has benefited from a relationship with Stoller Fundraising for the last seven years. For Jon Rife, Junior High Principal and tour coordinator for […]

Band Director Says Stoller Fundraising Hits All the Right Notes

Howland Band Director Shawn Reynolds offers his perspective on the success their band has had working with Stoller Fundraising.

Bite-Sized Benefits: The Pitfalls of Restaurant Fundraisers

The latest craze in the hands-off, third-party fundraiser movement is Dine for Dollars (or Dine to Donate) nights.  Restaurant fundraisers feel like a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want to eat out […]

Insider Report: See the Actual Earnings of 31 Groups

How much money can you expect to raise with Stoller Fundraising? This free report gives you the unvarnished earnings of real school, non-profit, and club groups just like yours. No sign-up required!

Put the “Fun” Back in “Fundraising”

Discover a simpler, better way to fundraise with Stoller Fundraisers. With our three-step process, we have worked with over 3,200 groups and raised over $17 million. Don’t miss out on all the benefits of working with us—schedule a call with Stoller today to reach or even surpass your fundraising goals.

Your Most Successful Fundraising Season Awaits

Don’t let your fundraising season sneak up on you without investing time and energy into the pre-season. Here’s what you can do to have a successful fundraising event.

Your Off-Season Organizational Checklist for In-Season Success

From marketing to fundraising, these off-season activities will help your organization thrive in its busy season.

Add an Incentive to Boost and Keep Fundraiser Motivation

Keeping your group motivated during a fundraiser can be challenging. Your fundraising coach will help you choose an incentive to keep your group motivated with exciting rewards for their efforts.

Why Your Supporters Will Love Butter Braid®️ Pastries

Warm pastries baking, melted icing drizzling, and flavors that taste like sweet baked apples, caramel, or cinnamon. Is your mouth watering yet? Just imagine the joy of your supporters who […]

Four Promotional Strategies to Boost Your Fundraising

Successful fundraising relies on several factors, and one of the key components is the ability to promote it! These are the top promotional strategies we suggest to get the word out about your next fundraiser.

Profits and Earnings For Fundraisers To Consider

Fundraising may seem like a simple two-step formula, but there are a few things to consider if you want to increase your profits and earn more from your group fundraisers.

The Five Best Fundraising Ideas For Your Group

Finding good ideas to help create the best outcome for your fundraiser makes it easier to tackle fundraising.

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