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Insider Report: See the Actual Earnings of 31 Groups

August 30, 2023

The Stoller Fundraising Group Earnings Report


Every organization has a fundraising goal they want to hit each year. Hundreds of organizations just like yours have used Stoller Fundraising to meet—and even exceed—their fundraising targets. 

Check out the average fundraising results for real groups who have worked with Stoller between 2021 and 2023 to hit their goals with simple, easy fundraising tactics.

Why show an average? Rather than showing off our biggest, most aggressive partners, averages give you a far better idea of what your organization is capable of achieving, even if you don’t have that one future entrepreneur in your club. 

BUT, keep scrolling to see the numbers from our heavy hitters!

Average Fundraising Results by Group

Schools (Public and Private)

Daycare $2,106.00
Church Preschool $1,932.00
Private School PTA $3,120.00
Private Religious School $3,090.00
Private School (Other) $2,802.00
Public School PTA $4,758.00
Public Elementary School $4,272.00
Public Middle School $2,724.00


Clubs (School and Non-School)

HOSA / Health Academy $2,052.00
Yearbook $1,230.00
Field Trip $1,818.00
FFA $4,254.00
Athletic $2,514.00
Class Trip $2,610.00
Prom $1,260.00
Sorority $1,764.00


School Music Groups

Chorus $2,244.00
Band $2,442.00
Band & Chorus $3,300.00
Orchestra $3,066.00


Sports (School and Non-School)

Dance $2,604.00
Gymnastics $2,298.00
Football $2,358.00
Cheerleading $1,350.00
Baseball $2,244.00


Meet Stoller’s Stellar Sellers! 

We LOVE to see every group succeed with their fundraisers, but there are some groups that crank out sales like none other. Just look at what some of our highest earning groups have been able to raise:



Church Mission Trip


Trip Groups






Middle School



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