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Get another $250 for your group!

(without running another fundraiser)

You can earn more money for your group, with each referral you submit that signs up with a Stoller Fundraising program in the next six months.

Refer Group

Submit your referrals and tell us as much information as you can. Your referrals can include other groups within your school, district, or within another school district.


We will reach out to the groups that you refer to see if they are interested in starting a fundraising program with us! We have multiple programs to choose from. 

Get Paid More

If any of the groups you refer sign up for a fundraising program within six months of your referral, we will send you an additional $250 for each group that commits by signing our letter of intent!

Referral Program FAQ

Will referring other groups take away from our fundraising success?

No. We offer a variety of fundraising products that can be sold during different seasons and won’t overlap with yours.

How much money can we earn?

Your group can earn $250 for every group that signs up within 6 months of your referral.

When will we get our referral money?

You will get your money after the group(s) you refer sign on with Stoller Fundraising.

How quickly does my referral have to sign up?

The group(s) you refer must sign our letter of intent within 6 months of your referral. 

Are you going to annoy my friends with emails and calls?

No. Shortly after you make a referral, we will follow up with them to see if there’s any interest. If not, we won’t bother them again!

Referral Form

Please provide the following information as best you can.

Tell us about you:

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