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Add an Incentive to Boost and Keep Fundraiser Motivation

January 3, 2023

When it comes to selling, the general rule in sales goes as follows: for every sale, there are at least 3 rejections. It can be tough for professionals to stay in the game, but what about your fundraising crew? How can you help them weather the feelings of defeat and stay motivated? Keeping your participants motivated during the sale can be a challenge. Just like in sales, incentives go far. Keep motivation alive with enticing reasons to overcome defeat and keep trying.

All For One, One For All

Group goals struggle without a shared interest, so an incentive for everyone works great as a common goal. When you offer a reward at the end for all their efforts, the group is more likely to push through adversity—like rejection—to earn for the fundraiser. Destination awards to a theme park, or school trips to tour a new city, inspire everyone to earn their chance to go.

Sometimes, an incentive works best when aimed at the individual to inspire each person’s best efforts. With an incentive for their individual contributions, the participants feel a personal and immediately gratifying reason to fundraise in addition to the real reason, supporting the group’s goals. From a big-ticket item, like an iPad, to general admission tickets to a fun location, like Kalahari Waterpark, working toward a reward for themselves taps into an individual’s sense of purpose, making it easier to stay focused on the goal.

Assessing Rewards

Whether you want to reward the whole group or the individuals in the group for their efforts, incentives work best when they target your group’s needs. It’s important to assess the motivation of your fundraising group to select an incentive program that really feels exciting and worthwhile. However, a decision that affects the whole group may feel daunting, so turn to your fundraising coach to create a custom plan. All incentive programs are completely free, so confidently rely on your coach’s recommendations to select the best package for your group.

Our experienced fundraising coaches help guide your choice for an incentive program so you can form a realistic assessment about your group’s motivation. What type of reward would your group really desire? Which reward would motivate them the most? Is there a theme park, event, or city of interest to those who live in your region? Your fundraising coach asks the right questions to gauge your demographics and choose from several incentive programs to find a match for your group. 

Rewarding Fundraising

Incentives help participants overcome the challenge of staying motivated, making it easier to achieve your fundraising goals. Help your participants feel more invested and committed to your fundraiser with an incentive package customized to fit your group. After a successful fundraiser, you and your participants will feel rewarded by a job well done and by their prize, because you earned it!

Let us help you make your fundraisers simpler and more profitable by keeping your group motivated with exciting rewards for your efforts. Schedule a call to learn more about your fundraising opportunities with Stoller Fundraising. 

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