Band Director Says Stoller Fundraising Hits All the Right Notes

February 14, 2024

With so many students involved, band programs are constantly searching for effective and hassle-free fundraising solutions. For the Howland Band (Warren, OH), the answer came in 2013 when they discovered Stoller Fundraising. 

Shawn Reynolds is primarily Howland Band’s middle school band director but he also assists with the high school and younger grades. Reynolds had tried Butter Braids® before somewhere and just so happened to be near Stoller’s booth at a conference. 

“Nancy, a Stoller Fundraising Coach, reached out to me and hit it off right away,” Reynolds said. The band has worked with Stoller for over a decade now.

The Howland Band’s fundraising efforts play a pivotal role in offsetting the costs of spring trips, including a trip to Disney the band makes every four years. Stoller’s products, known for their high return rates and popularity, have become a staple in the community.

Stoller Makes Band Fundraising Effortless

One of the standout features of partnering with Stoller is the simplicity it brings to the fundraising process. For a busy band director, the allure lies in the fact that Stoller handles most of the legwork. From sending occasional emails to having everything in place when the fundraising period concludes, the entire process is streamlined. 

When it’s time to kick off the sale, Stoller’s team comes in and offers students tips on selling, explanations of their ingredients, and even a taste of the products so that they can speak with confidence about what they are selling.

“When the kids leave the room, you overhear them saying, ‘Oh my gosh, these are so good!’” said Reynolds.

Besides sales tactics, though, Stoller is committed to treating each kid like a member of their own family. They advise students on staying safe and making sure to sell in familiar neighborhoods. Each fundraiser receives a link to the online store that automatically tracks their sales and makes fundraising something that can be done from the safety of home. 

Once the fundraiser kicks off, Stoller runs with the rest—managing online aspects, tallying, fundraiser setup, order processing—all is expertly managed by Stoller, leaving the band director free to focus on the music.

Diverse Products People Anticipate All Year Round

The Butter Braid® pastries remain a crowd favorite year after year, but recently, Stoller added, of all things, dog biscuits! These have been a surprising hit with customers, says Reynolds. Granola, traditional pumpkin rolls, and chocolate cream rolls also contribute to the diverse product lineup that resonates with the community.

“My fundraising has gone way up since working with them,” said Reynolds. “I’ve got a couple of people in my community who will start calling in early fall, asking when we will be selling so they can stock up.” 

Some customers buy as many as 30-40 Butter Braids® (one of Stoller’s most popular items) each sale to stock up for the holidays. Another customer told Reynolds that he has 20-25 in his freezer at any point in time.

“The quality is incomparable,” said Reynolds. And the community knows it.

It isn’t just that the product is highly popular. Customers buy these delectable treats each year because they know they’re supporting a good cause. The fundraisers make a huge difference in the affordability of trips for students in the band.

Customer Service That Measures Up

Reynolds emphasized the value of the Stoller team’s responsiveness and excellent customer service throughout their fundraising campaigns. From checking orders meticulously to promptly resolving any issues, the Stoller team has demonstrated a commitment to ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience for the band. They’ll even drive all the way to the school to remedy an issue if it’s necessary.

Reynolds appreciates the company’s commitment to remaining local. It helps to build trust and familiarity with families in the community.

“Stoller makes you feel like you’re their only customer,” Reynolds said.

From exceptional products to unwavering support and a genuine connection with the community, Stoller has proven to be more than just a fundraising solution—it’s a partner in the pursuit of musical excellence.

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