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Four Promotional Strategies to Boost Your Fundraising

October 4, 2022

The fundraiser has a green light, but don’t sit down just yet! Now is the time to really address a key component of fundraiser success—promoting your event. Your fundraising coach will have plenty of ideas to support your efforts in promoting your fundraiser. But, here are the top strategies we suggest to really draw in your supporters.  

Emails Are Everything

The beauty of an email campaign is being able to instantly reach multiple people at once. Great promotions build interest by teasing about the upcoming fundraiser and informing your supporters about the cause. Use a fun visual within your message to promote the details of your fundraiser and let people know what you will be selling. Be sure to keep your supporters informed of important dates and details, like the start date and duration of your fundraiser. 

Savvy Social Media

If you have cringed at the content of tweets and TikTok, that’s okay, but also appreciate these mediums for the good they can create. Facebook groups work well to unite like-minded people around a topic they care about; tweets grab attention and inform as much as they entertain; TikTok is a great quick-visual; and more. From Instagram to LinkedIn, great options exist to socialize your fundraiser and reach a wide-ranging audience. When you get your audience excited about the fundraiser and the cause, they will be more likely to participate. 

Be Present Online

An online presence is not only helpful, but expected, in today’s culture. With Stoller Fundraising’s online store, you can direct supporters to order online and bridge the gap between telling someone about your fundraiser and achieving a contributor. When there is an online option, a supporter at the fundraiser who does not buy immediately can still contribute at their leisure. Imagine the potential when you send a simple email during the sale with a link to an online store to anyone who may be interested. Harness the power of online shopping!

Don’t Forget The Fliers!

Plenty of options still exist to capture the attention of people when they aren’t focused on a screen—standing in lines, walking on sidewalks, entering stores, etc. These are all opportunities for a flier to be noticed by people out and about downtown or throughout a school building. Posting paper fliers is just one more way to capture people’s attention. Stoller can provide you with enticing fliers and posters, as well as digital posters, so you can continue promoting your fundraiser online and throughout your community. 

Putting Together Your Promotional Campaign

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make these four methods work. Come up with a catchy slogan and a flier that you like, then it’s a matter of rinse and repeat for all the different mediums! Subject lines can be slogans, a flier can be emailed, and teasers about the details can be tweeted. If you choose just one or all, your fundraiser reaches a wider audience of supporters and you’ve already done your job promoting your fundraiser. 

Contact your fundraising coach at Stoller Fundraising to get help with your fundraising needs. Stoller can help you raise money with less effort on your next fundraiser.

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