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The Five Best Fundraising Ideas For Your Group

The more time you spend preparing for your fundraiser, the more you will gain from your fundraiser. Successful fundraisers take place when the group effort puts together a wide-reaching and appealing offer.

Here are five ideas for creating the best fundraiser:

1. Start Brainstorming

When you start thinking about hosting a fundraiser, bring everyone together to think about the plan. What are important dates to consider and who is the audience? Identify all the major components that you will need to track throughout the process and put together a timeline to follow.

2. Use Technology

In this era, it’s rare to carry cash, so make sure you have an online option to buy. Perhaps you put together a simple website with links to click and capture orders, or at the very least, offer a way to pay that allows purchasers to send money from their phone. It’s much more effective to spread the word about a fundraiser in an email message than to solicit in-person to a limited audience at a storefront sidewalk table. An online option is also a good way for supporters to contribute at their own convenience.

3. Incentivize All Involved

The success of your fundraiser is most dependent on the product you sell. When there is a high-level of interest in the product, you naturally create an incentive for supporters who want to take it home with them. Food always sells! So think about creating incentive with the timing of your fundraiser, for example, selling a food product that fits the occasion of a holiday.

Sellers will also be more motivated if they receive an incentive, so reward your group. There could be a prize or tiered prizes for reaching a series of goals, but however you choose, make sure to give the seller something that appeals to them for their effort level.

4. Know Your Audience

It’s important to think about the supporters you’re targeting for your fundraiser. Make sure to ask questions and reveal the motivation for those who would give. What makes your fundraiser important to them? Why should they care about your group’s work? How can you best appeal to them for help?

Furthermore, ask questions about your own processes. Do you have a good plan in place to meet the supporters’ needs? Have you talked to your fundraising partner to confirm your plans and seek advice to reach this audience? Learning about your audience will give you the advantage to reach and motivate them to donate.

5. Market Broadly

Rather than just hanging a poster or flier, get the word out about your fundraiser by showing up! Showcase your fundraiser at a parent event where the audience is invested in the same interests as your group. When you speak with passion about the fundraiser’s purpose and your group’s goals, you can better motivate supporters.

Now Go With Gusto!

It’s important to stay motivated and keep the spark of passion for your fundraiser, and these ideas will help create the best outcome.

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