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Why Your Supporters Will Love Butter Braid®️ Pastries

October 28, 2022

Warm pastries baking, melted icing drizzling, and flavors that taste like sweet baked apples, caramel, or cinnamon. Is your mouth watering yet? Just imagine the joy of your supporters who can have the real deal baking in their ovens! Our Butter Braid® pastries are easy to love because they are simple to store frozen, thaw, and bake for the taste of homemade pastries. Your supporters will keep coming back for more. 

Fill The Freezer!

Butter Braid® pastries are the perfect treat to share with guests, and it doesn’t hurt that they also impress! The look and taste of these pastries seem bakery-bought, and any supporters who host will love the ability to make and serve these right at home. The advantage of choosing Butter Braid® pastries for entertaining is that they are stored frozen so it’s easy to stock up. Since they come in flavors of fruit, cheese, or cinnamon, there are plenty of options to satisfy everyone. With all the variety, it’s possible to host a handful of times without making the same one twice. From guests to family dinners, the host with the most will love these pastries!

Easy Baking!

Not only are Butter Braid® pastries delightful, but they are also practical. Supporters will love the fact that from packaging to table there are only three steps: thaw, bake, and share! With the scent of baking pastries quickly filling their kitchens, supporters will appreciate such an easy and unforgettable at-home baking experience. Within minutes, they can make a professional-level baked good.

Flavorful Fare!

Can we talk about flavor? This is perhaps the best feature… they taste amazing! In one bite, the blend of the light, flaky pastry and the mouth-watering fillings enhanced by the topping is a decadent experience that repeats with every bite. The delicious blend of flavors and textures melt together to create a real bakery sensation. From sweetly spiced, to fruity or savory, there is a flavor for everyone. With 10 varieties to choose from, it would be hard to pick just one! 

With delicious flavors and easy baking instructions, this is a completely approachable product that your supporters will want again and again. Filled with flavor, these pastries will fill the freezers of your supporters (and, if a few end up in your freezer, that’s perfectly alright, too!).  

Give your supporters an impressive, mouth-watering treat they can make right in their own kitchen. Schedule a call with us to set up a free sampling of Butter Braid® pastries at your school or business, and learn how you can add these popular pastries to your next fundraiser with Stoller Fundraising. 

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