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Three Reasons Running Group Fundraisers Can Be Such a Pain

August 2, 2022

Your group needs funds to function, but the idea of a fundraiser makes your head ache. Even though it is vital for your group’s success, fundraising can be such a pain. Does this sound familiar? 

A lot of people dread the thought of starting a fundraiser. These are the top three reasons why people dislike their fundraising experiences:

1. Time Commitment.

Everyone is busy with responsibilities, and fundraising can be very time-consuming. Between tallying orders and collecting money for months, who has the time? If you’re working with the wrong fundraising partner, the process can be complicated and feel like another full-time job.

2. All Effort, No Earnings.

Maybe it feels like your group is always working to raise funds but getting nothing significant in return. A vicious cycle occurs, and instead of hosting a few profitable fundraisers, you only raise enough money from one fundraiser just to let you host another. You’re simply not making enough from your efforts, despite feeling like your group is constantly fundraising.

3. Uninspiring Products.

If nobody likes the items for sale, your fundraiser won’t be effective. Products that are of little interest to your audience can make the fundraising experience painful. In addition, over-sold products will tank your fundraising efforts before you even get started.

No Wonder It’s A Pain!

If any of these struggles sound familiar, you may need to move your fundraising efforts in a new direction. The work you do should lead to reward. It’s time to bring the FUN back into fundraising! 

At Stoller Fundraising, our goal is to turn fundraising from painful to profitable, so you can earn the money you need and get back to doing the things you love. Learn more about how we can help!

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